Ahmed Ragab

Senior Partner
Accounting & Audit
E: ahmed.ragab@bakertillyeg.com
Photo of Ahmed Ragab

Mr. Ragab has a long experience in accounting / auditing. Mr. Ragab has demonstrated his capabilities throughout the years with a number of reputable companies. He has extensive experience in the accounting and auditing space advising both national and multinational companies across various sectors in Egypt and regionally. 

He is an expert in several sectors including banking and financial institutions, Oil and Gas and telecommunications. Mr. Ragab was part of the project of shifting Canadian GAAP into IFRS and authored several publications in IFRS. 

He is a leading expert regarding the implementation of IFRS 9 in Egypt, helping companies that early adopted the standard since 2013 to date. His area of specialization is in the Financial Instruments with a focus of derivatives and Securitization. 

Mr. Ragab is a professor of financial accounting, auditing and IFRS diplomas. He teaches courses in the Financial accounting and CPA review courses.



• Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

• Egyptian Society for Accountants & Auditors (ESAA)