Baker Tilly’s Financial Reporting Advisory Services (FRAS) team supports organizations through a diverse range of accounting and reporting services including transaction accounting, analysis and adoption of new International Financial Reporting Standards, training on new and complex standards, and other related services that enable organizations to achieve greater transparency and navigate through the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

We at Baker Tilly bring together our technical knowledge and industry expertise benchmarked against similar companies to address the challenges of organizations, expectations of their stakeholders and their regulatory obligations.

Our FRAS team understands that the accounting changes can be swift, and it can be challenging to keep up with all the requirements and their potential impacts. Our team can provide timely advice on the impacts of these accounting changes to assist businesses in the development of an appropriate implementation roadmap

Our clients value having a specialist and dedicated accounting team, who can act as an independent sounding board to assist them in thinking through complex accounting matters. 

  • Business Combinations and Consolidations

Providing accounting and reporting support on consolidations including business acquisitions along with post acquisition support

Common control transactions

  • Financial Instruments and Hedge Accounting

Accounting treatment of financial instruments

Accounting for financial derivatives and commodities contracts

  • Complex Accounting

Accounting memos on complex accounting standards

Treatment of these accounting standards as per the applicable guidance

  • Trainings

We use our experience and insights on a wide range of accounting standards to assist clients through trainings.

  • Financial Statements and Models

Assist clients in the preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRSs

Review of complex financial models to ensure compliance with IFRSs

  • Accounting Policy Reviews

Preparation and review of enterprise-wide accounting policy frameworks and documentation

  • New Standards

Addressing complexities arising from proposed new accounting standards and guidance, including the impact on existing systems and processes

  • Accounting Advice

Implementation of new accounting standards

Technical advice on specific accounting standards under IFRSs and IFRIC


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